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Two years ago I looked myself in the mirror and though, I can be better than this, feel younger than this, be healthier and happier with myself. Didn't know how to achieve all this thou, being a non-gym person as I've always been. But if you always do what you've always done nothing is going change is it? So I join a gym and I started working out.. That was hard b’ut still there was something wrong that didnt make me loosing much weight. My lovely P.t. addressed me to Sinead to have a chat about my daily food routine and there I discovered my problem.. no wonder I was as big as I was, I had no idea how to have a proper food life! So me and Sinead started working together and I had my first plan to follow, and then I started seeing results. Eating better was not only easier then i thought but rewarding and fulfilling! And Sinead was always close and ready to support and answer all my silly questions! Since then I lost many kilos and centimetres but the biggest thing I learned is a Healty and Right way of feeding my body, feel great and younger and love myself.


Ruena Girelli

I approached Sinead after returning home from 4 months of travelling Europe and America.

I came home not being able to fit into any of my old jeans or skirts. Even prior to my travels I had always wanted to find a way to boost my energy levels and also deal with some minor anxiety issues I’ve had in the past – and I’ve never been very keen on crazy supplements or medications.

I knew I wouldn’t have the motivation or knowledge to lose the weight on my own as I have never been an overly active person. I’ve known Sinead for a long amount of time and was happy to see that she had started her own business providing nutritional advice and meal plans. I am so happy I made the decision to seek her advice and now I feel I have invaluable knowledge in healthy eating and lifestyle. The first week was a challenge for me in terms of getting my head around portioning my food and having to being more thoughtful with my grocery shopping – but it all soon became habit for me and very easy to follow.

In the first two weeks I lost around 2kg as a result on having changed my diet and as I scheduled in more time for exercise I eventually continued on to lose a total of 6kg at the end of the 12week period. I am now a lot more comfortable with myself and really enjoy the new recipes I’ve gained while being on Sinead’s meal plan. In addition to the weight loss I have had little to no anxiety during this time and I find I have a lot more energy during my working days and on the weekends which is refreshing for me.

Sinead was very helpful throughout the whole 12wks – she always answered any questions I had no matter how trivial they may have been and make sure to check in with me regularly to see my progress.

I would definitely recommend Naed Nutrition to anyone thinking about ways to improve their diet and to find a healthier way of living.

Erin Jago

8 months ago, I weighed a horrific 67kg that I thought that I would never get rid of. As time went by, with a heavy amount of exercise, investing all my time in going to the gym, then trying to eat correctly, I then weighed an exceptional 58kg. What I struggled with however, was eating the right foods and eating regularly. To be truthfully honest, I has always been a massive fan of junk food, and it also played a massive part in my diet regime which led me into having massive cravings. It wasn't until a few weeks ago where I was educated about clean eating through following a 7 day program set out by Naed Nutrition that made a huge difference not only my cravings and food regulation, but also feeling fuller for longer periods of time without the deprivation of hunger. As a result, I have lost a staggering 2.3kg within 2-3 days of following the clean eating program. Unlike most 'fad diets' that I have been on, this program has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle. I thoroughly recommend anyone to follow this program followed by Sinead Smyth who is a highly qualified nutritionist and is educated about the right foods that allow you to live and active and fulfilling life. Sinead has changed my life for the better and I can't thank her enough. I feel good and look better, and I can even fit into my 'skinny' jeans that I haven't been able to fit into for a couple of years. My family have even noticed the difference in me becoming disciplined and my weight loss. I hope to encourage and inspire those to purchase and follow the 7 Days of Clean Eating Program, you will notice a large difference in being motivated in wanting to eat well and also motivate others to eat clean foods.

Thank you so much Sinead, I couldn't of been where I am now at without your help


Monique Lepouris

I contacted Sinead for some general advice on protein powders and diets to assist with my training. I never really considered a personalised meal plan before, but after hearing some of the benefits I decided it would be a good way to go. Sinead put me on a 12 week personalised meal plan which was completely designed to fit around work and training. This made following the plan so much easier, as I didn’t need to shift around my training sessions.

My main goals were to become fitter, gain more lean muscle/become more toned, and lose some of that stubborn lower abdominal fat. I definitely achieved these goals!! The best part was how early I noticed results (only 4 weeks into the meal plan).

For me, the biggest takeaway was the knowledge I gained about healthy eating. What I should be eating, how much should I eat, and when should I be eating it – are all facts I learnt from my personalised meal plan. Having this information is the reason I was able to reach my goals. I’d definitely say I’ve made a positive change in my life. I feel fitter and stronger, I have more motivation and I recover faster after a heavy training session, and I’ve developed a healthy addiction to creating clean meals!

Having known Sinead for more than 5 years, I can say without a doubt there’s no one more committed and dedicated to health/fitness, and helping people reach their goals than she is. Whether you want to achieve weight loss, gain muscle, or just learn about healthy eating, I highly recommend a personalised meal plan from Sinead.

Thank you for all your help

Aaron Lebrasse

Late 2011 I was facing a year leading a significant birthday, I was doing mainly office based work, my doctor was shaking his head saying I was too heavy to be this short. I was 103kg. A guy I had met a few years prior had started a Personal Training Company with this chick he knew. I had to do something, There was an advert for a beach boot camp. I did not think Personal training (1 on 1) was for me, so I thought I would give Groups a go. I am so glad I did, there are people of all abilities, shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own story, their own purpose, but using the groups to achieve greatness. Personally I love the friendships formed, everyone encourages one another to go that bit further but there is no "win at all cost" stuff. During Beach Bootcamp, Kettlebells, Bootcamps, Weekend Retreat, Boxing and the other classes (more to come apparently- Waiting!!!) the challenges are always different and mixed up, We don't tramp the treadmill for an hour, or lift weights constantly. We do everything, and anything the trainers can think of. This variation has kept me interested and turning up week after week. We do have a laugh amongst it all. I also caught up with Sinead who started to train my food habits as well. The whole team has helped me to change my lifestyle to be fitter, healthier and a bucket load happier. I have over time achieved a weight of 83kg and looking for the next challenge. I need to thank the Imperium Team for Group Training and Nutrition, and of course the great people (friends) who come along to Sessions and make it all happen.

The imperium Team have are fantastic at putting together Group Training sessions. The sessions are always different, challenging, and dare I say it fun. (I may pay for that bit at my next session). Wether it is Boxing, Kettlebells, Bootcamp on the Beach or the oval, a weekend retreat, I find group work rewarding. Everyone is there to achieve, but in the process are supportive, we all have different reasons, excuses, strengths and weaknesses but that doesn't matter as long as you get in and give it a go. Through group training and some fantastic Nutrition planning with the help of Sinead, I have gone from 103kg to 83kg in 12 months. I am fitter, healthier, happier and loving life. A few more kg to loose and some great challenges on the way. I could probably go to the gym on my own, spend hours lifting weights, on the treadmill and stuff, but I choose to face new exercises and challenges every session, with a group of friends, and run by the great Team at Imperium.

 Gerren Testimonial

Gerren Goodwin

I contacted Sinead for a meal plan on the recommendation of a friend. The two goals I wanted to achieve were to lose a few kilos and to learn to stop over-eating. I realized that I had been on a diet of some description for the better part of 10 years, and despite trying very hard over the last 3 years to lose the last 5 kilos, I was still exactly the same weight. My periodic over-eating was to blame, as I had been exercising consistently 5-6 days a week for more than a year. I had already had counseling to try and overcome this long-term problem, but I still found it hard to stick to my diet and not over-eat. I realized that one of the main reasons for this was that I was constantly on a diet and I had no idea how to distinguish between real physiological hunger and emotional hunger. What I wanted from Sinead was a food plan that would stabilize my blood sugar levels, not leave me starving but still allow me to lose weight slowly – in a maintainable, healthy way. I needed to re-learn a normal healthy way of eating. Sinead took into account my history of depression and fluctuating moods and incorporated foods into my meal plan to help balance some of the underlying causes of these issues. She also suggested I fill out a food diary daily. I found the meal plan to be full of yummy, satisfying foods, with a lot of variety to prevent boredom. But the most important thing for me is that I have re-learnt my hunger signals, so now I know that if I am reaching for sweet things or if I feel like eating everything in the house (when I’m not hungry) something is going on that I need to address, and for me that has been the key to losing nearly 3 kilos in the 12 weeks that I have had trouble shifting for 3 years. I follow the meal plan now without thinking about it and I love knowing that the foods I eat are going to provide all the best fuels for me to be functioning at my best. More importantly I know that I am now setting a good example for my girls by not over-eating.

Sarah Rea

I found the entire experience of having a meal plan incredibly helpful. The main reason for wanting one is that I had been feeling lethargic and run down. I no longer feel like this and have so much more energy. Being vegan and a shift worker my food is no easy task - the meal plan was tailored to my needs and based around when I should eat on each shift. I rarely feel hungry and my sugar cravings have also disappeared. I'm much more organised and plan my meals a week in advance. I've discovered new foods and recipes and am much more excited about food than I was before.

Sinead was fantastic - I found her to be really friendly, non-judemental and supportive. The follow-up contact was really great.

Overall I think it was a great experience and has improved my energy levels dramatically and made me feel really excited about healthy eating. So thank you!!

Emma McFarland

I met Jason when I was 135kg. When I started doing what he said, he gave me suggestions on how to lose weight. I made it to 125kgs. Gradually the exercises got easier. With gym and eating healthier I continued to lose weight. This helped me get to 115kgs. When I got down to 105kgs Jason asked if I would like to see Sinead. I thought what she did was pointless. Sinead put me on a food plan and told me what not to eat. My weight continued to go down. I didn’t like following the food plan so Sinead gave me advice on what foods to add to my normal diet, what to remove and what to eat when so I could slowly improve my eating by myself. At the moment I am still receiving advice from Sinead! I see Sinead once a fortnight and I am now down to 87kgs and still losing 1kg a week and it’s only been 3 months! ! I am glad I met both Sinead and Jason. They’ve helped change my life. Thanks Jason and Sinead. If I didn’t meet them I probably would have given up.


Brendan Langlands

After 12 weeks on you're clean eating plan I feel great!

I am eating more, eating clean and a lot more organised. I used to crave sugar and eat a lot of chocolate, but being on the plan I don't crave sugar or chocolate.. It's Amazing !!  I look & feel great and have dropped a dress size as well as reach my goal weight!  I am never hungry, I am exercising more & my understanding to food has changed so much. I enjoy my food now and I'm excited to try new and different recipes.

I started this plan at 55.6 kgs and I am now 51.6 kgs.  I will stick to the plan and clean eating for the rest of my life!  "abs are made in the kitchen"  :)


Latoya Elisseou

My story began three years ago when I was introduced to a wonderful lady who became my personal trainer and friend, from KO Fitness. The journey has been a long one and seen many bridges crossed. I was turning 40 three years ago and was very conscious of my size and weight and wanted to mend my ways.

I became fitter and more aware of the choices I was making. 2011 saw me in a very dark and bad place, I gained weight, ate the wrong foods and wasn’t burning off enough calories although working out up to 4 times a week. Around midyear I was diagnosed with depression and my weight slowly increased.

At the beginning of 2012, I topped the scales at 108 Kg, and finally feeling like I was functioning once again, I decided that enough was enough and it was time I did something for myself. I needed to prove that it was possible to regain my composure and that anything was achievable, if I put my mind to it. Kim O’Driscoll, my personal trainer introduced me to an eating plan template, provided by Sinead Smyth Master Nutrition Coach which gave me a guide of sensible eating and snacks that would increase my metabolism and reduce my weight.

My journey is only beginning, and I have a long way to go, but I am extremely pleased with my effort and success on this plan, thus far. With regular exercise (4 times a week) and following this template, I have lost a total of 12 kgs over 6 weeks. I don’t see this eating template as a diet, but as a healthy lifestyle plan that can encourage healthy living and eating.

The eating plan template is helping me reach my goals and I am truly grateful to my personal trainer, from KO Fitness for introducing me to such a simple plan that will change my life in so many ways and also to Sinead Smyth Master Nutrition Coach for developing such a life changing plan.

Sarah Thomas

Thank you, Thank you for making me accountable for what I eat. Thank you for making me understand what my body needs to continue to burn fat and give me energy throughout the day.

My food choices are now so justified and I go for the helathier options because I understand now how they fuel my body and the chocolates and sweets were causing me mad sugar cravings.

Expecting your call each week helped me to stay focused and gave me time to reflect on my food habits and grow and learn to be a more educated eater. When I could talk to you about the emotions I felt about eating certain food you allowed me to see and understand the patterns of my bad eating behaviour.

I have seen the results alongside the committed exercise and have lost a total of almost 7 kgs and counting!!

Thank you

Silvana Colella

The Nutrition Coaching Program was a great program which gave me tips & advice on what to eat and portion size (which I had a big problem with!) It was very simple to use & track my progress so in 4months I lost 5kgs using Nutrition Complete.

In 4 months with Sinead I lost 5kg and I now know to lose more with the advice & knowledge she has given me. She was always very positive & really helped me when I wasn’t confident with myself and that I was doing well or going to achieve my goals. I will always be grateful for the help & support I received from Sinead & what I gained the nutrition complete with the Coaching Program!

It was the beginning of a new me! Thanks :)

Maya Diederichsen

I approached Sinead from your PT nutrition to help me with an eating plan because due to health reasons my level of physical activity had dropped and I had begun to notice my weight gradually increasing.

After a quick initial consultation Sinead sent me the guidelines about what I could eat in a week. I stuck to it and after only first week I had lost 1 kg. This motivated me to carry on with the eating plan and a continued to lose weight and notice positive changes in my body. My muscles were more clearly defined, my stomach was way flatter and all my clothes were suddenly not so snug.

I have loved having some direction to help my eating habits and have learnt some great healthy options to fill me up. Even though my eight weeks is up, the knowledge I learnt about healthy eating from Sinead will continue to help for the rest of my life! Thanks Sinead

Alexis Marshall

After adding Sinead’s detailed 4 week eating plan to various training programs, both in a group environment and on a one on one level, my clients have experienced some remarkable results. Those that have stuck closely to the eating plan, combined with an structured exercise routine, have achieved some great results with weight loss and a drop in key centimetre areas.

Several clients have lost over 5 kilograms in 4 weeks and up to 20cm in measurements. The best effort so far has been a female client who shed 8.3kg in 6 weeks following the meal plan down to the gram!

One of the most beneficial things about the eating plan devised by Sinead is there is plenty of food choices available and it’s an eating plan easy to follow unlike so many others out there. I’m looking forward to helping even more clients drop weight, lose centimetres and more importantly live a healthier and happier lifestyle in 2012. Sinead’s eating plan allows me to get clients kick started in exactly the right fashion.

Matt Daniels

Before coming to Sinead I used to think I had a pretty sound knowledge about nutrition and that me not getting the results that I wanted was based on other factors out of my control. I was already quite a lean guy to begin with but I had been stuck in limbo for quite a while and was just getting frustrated because I didn’t want to be lean, I wanted to be shredded.

Sinead changed all that, and she made me realise I knew squat! In literally one week after our consultation, I started seeing more cuts and more definition around my whole body, especially my mid section. Not only was I seeing physical results, I was actually feeling more energised and my brain was a lot sharper too.

I would definitely recommend Sinead to ANYONE wanting to get real results, her knowledge about nutrition and her ability to cater to anyone’s needs is second to none, she really is the best nutritionist I have ever met and I work in the fitness industry so that’s saying something!

Ivan Gavranic

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